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Why Hasn’t Phi Theta Kappa Investigated Sexual Harassment Allegations?

These are the facts:

  • Dr. Rod Risley officially stated that the claims made by Toni Marek and Rachel Reeck were dismissed as false without an investigation.

  • Toni Marek’s lawsuit was dismissed because she lacked a 1099 form from Phi Theta Kappa. Since she was not an employee of Phi Theta Kappa, Title VII does not protect her civil rights.

  • Rachel Reeck’s case is ongoing because she received a 1099 form from Phi Theta Kappa. A 1099 Form indicates that Ms. Reeck was an employee, therefore Title VII protects her civil rights.

  • The sexual harassment allegations of Ms. Marek and Ms. Reeck have not been investigated by anyone, thus far.

  • As of today, Ms. Reeck, Ms. Marek, their advisors, college administrations, or witnesses have not been contacted in regards to any investigation into these allegations.

We repeat our request for an independent investigation. We request that the independent investigation:

  • The investigation must be free of any control, affiliation, or influence of Phi Theta Kappa employees, Board of Directors, volunteers, affiliates, and must not be involved with any other organization affiliated with higher education.

  • The legal firm conducting the investigation must specialize in sexual harassment cases for employers and employees. The conductors of the investigation must have access to any and all employee records, financial documents, or any other documents they deem necessary.

  • The results must be made available to the public and posted on, freely accessible to anyone. The results must be released in the form of an electronic document to any person(s) that request it, and in a timely manner.

  • Dr. Rod Risley should immediately be removed as Executive Director and relieved of all duties associated with Phi Theta Kappa until the investigation has been concluded.

These demands for an independent investigation, in light of the facts and the testimony provided publicly thus far, are in accordance of procedures that any other organization or corporation would utilize.

We reiterate, we do not ask for anyone to take sides. We are simply demanding that the truth be told and made public. This independent investigation would be in the best interest of everyone involved.

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