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You are not alone.


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Join The Movement


Our goal is to protect the students and the sanctity of this organization.


Since the establishment of this website, an investigation has been initiated. However, we still urge you to advocate for the following:


1. At the conclusion of the investigation, the results will be delivered to the Board of Directors. The findings of the report should be made public.


2. Any persons (including staff members and board members) found to have been involved in the mishandling of the allegations, abused their power, harmed students, or misused Phi Theta Kappa funds, should be removed from their positions immediately.


If you have testimony to contribute to the investigation, please contact us below.


All information you provide is greatly appreciated and all correspondence will be kept strictly confidential and released only upon your request.


If you would like to share your story, support this movement, or just contact us, please use the form below.  

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