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Update as of 9/21/15:


May 2015: Phi Theta Kappa hired an independent investigator, Thomas Siler, to probe our allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by Dr. Rod Risley. The investigator compiled hundreds of verified photos, emails, text messages, and over ten hours of recorded and transcribed testimony by several witnesses.


July 13, 2015: Mr. Siler informed us of Dr. Risley's departure from Phi Theta Kappa. Mr. Siler also informed us:


The board terminated the investigation into our allegations.


Mr. Siler told us not to contact Phi Theta Kappa or the Board of Directors, because he was now the acting liaison between Phi Theta Kappa and us.


July 14, 2015: We requested a meeting with the Board of Directors to discuss the allegations and their decision to cease the investigation into our claims.


The request was denied.


August 2015: We requested a meeting with Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner to discuss the Board’s decision and the allegations.


The request was denied.


We have not, collectively or individually, retained a lawyer.


We do not have, collectively or individually, any pending litigation in any courts of law against anyone.



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